Let Transformation BEGIN!

C-ontemplative A-ction V-ivifying E-nlightenment

The ego is like a large block of ice. There are two opposing methods to deal with it: the religious method or the spiritual one. The religious way hacks away at it like a small ice pick [held in the hand of a laborer].  The superior method, which is the spiritual,  effortlessly melts it away under the radiant embers burning from the fire within. This rekindling, is  stirred by the fire of love found in heart centered meditation. This is why the lost and the least joined David at the Cave: to learn the secret of his equanimity – remaining calm in a difficult situation. The following narrative is directly from the David story, disclosing the three groups meeting with him at the cave: 

“So David departed from there and escaped to The CAVE…and everyone who was in distress, and everyone who in debt, and everyone who was discontent, gathered themselves together there with David.” 

These days spent in silence, being nothing but a cave vagabond, is where David experienced what St. John of the Cross called, The Dark Night of the Soul. In that cave, memories of the past and the fear of his future ran constantly across his mind. But it was only here he could learn to let go. If he had not been removed from his fragile ego empire; David would have never experienced any real transformation. Only in silence, could he silence the voices assailing him. In a reflective, meditative, and contemplative posture of prayer; [the place he called the “secret place of the Most high”]; he had all his secrets, long ago buried, exposed and removed. In secret, you deal with your secrets, and in silence, you deal with the things you have kept silent. [continued, see – The Cave Story]



  Cave Dwellers Motto:

To Lift up, not put down.

To welcome, not exclude.

To restore, not excommunicate.

To promote evangelism, not legalism!

The Cave Group